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Aiai Calmer

Co-Founder, Communications Director

Aiai Calmer is the Communications Director as well as Co-Founder of the HOPE Concert. Aiai hopes to spread joy through music and help the maintenance of the Philip Hayden Foundation through collaborating with all current and future partnerships.

Wendy Song

Co-Founder, Artistic Director

Wendy Song is our Artistic Director. Wendy is currently a senior in high school, and hopes to encourage musicians across the globe to join the HOPE concert!  


Yashar Garzan

Director of Operations

Mr. Garzan is a professional musician. He assists HOPE by directing concert production and  recruiting musicians worldwide to perform in the concerts.

Zachary Edenbaum

 Technical Lead

Zachary Edenbaum is the Tech Lead of the HOPE Concert.  Zachary is currently a senior in high school and is a musician himself, hoping he can spread some good in the world in his work for the HOPE concert.


Bentham Hu


Bentham Hu is the secretary at the Hope Concert. He hopes to help plan and play in events for the Hope Concert. 

Shawn Chen

Vice President

Shawn Chen is the Vice President of the Hope Concert. Through organizing concerts and expanding the Hope Concert into Frederick County Shawn hopes to spread the passion of young performers and provide great opportunities.


Abigail Fechisso

PR Manager and Team Lead

Abigail Fechisso is the HOPE Concert’s PR Manager and Team Lead and is a senior in high school (class of 2024) from Montgomery County. Abby hopes to spread the joy of musical education for a good cause through the HOPE Concert.

Edwin Cao


Edwin Cao is the treasurer for the Hope Concert. Through the Hope Concert, he hopes to help the organization use music to spread awareness and supply children in need with the things they need.


Board of Advisors

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